Men: *jokes about “dumb women”*
Men: make me a sandwich, bitch
Men: rape jokes!
Men: what, is it your time of the month?
Men: women are so emotional
Woman: *makes joke about women being smarter than men*
Men: SEXISM!!!!!!!!! How ELITIST of you!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How dare you say men are inferior on the basis of their sex?!?!?!??!?!!!!??
Women: ……….wow that must be tough.

  • Men: Men are simple creatures.
  • Men: Women are too complicated.
  • Men: Boys will be boys.
  • Men: Girls who dress slutty don't respect themselves.
  • Men: Men are like lions; you can't dangle meat in front of their faces and expect them not to want to eat it.
  • Men: Women are so emotional, always overreacting to little things.
  • Men: Women aren't funny.
  • Men: Women are so shallow.
  • Men: Women never say what they mean.
  • Women: I don't feel safe around men because of the abuses and assaults I've experienced throughout my life.
  • Men: NOT ALL MEN!!!
  • Men: These generalizations are harmful!
  • Men: Don't fight hate with hate!
  • Men: Waaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!